Party & Private Catering

Bringing the pop up to you as either a compact set up or the full works. Even in inclement weather pizza can be cooked outside for you to enjoy inside.  Why get a take out when the kitchen can come to you.

Priced from £6 per person

Pre Made Dough & Pizza Kits

Pre made dough, balled up and ready to hand stretch or roll at home into great pizza! 
This is the same dough I use in my oven with just 4 ingredients, including Italian '00' type flour. A slow leavened dough that is easy to handle and can be kept in the fridge, ready to use for up to 3 days.   

Dough from £2.50 & complete kits from £10

Kids Pizza Party

Hands on and a little messy!
A great opportunity for the kids to make their own dinner or lunch with pre prepared dough, sauce and cheese. 

Priced from £5 per child

Pizza Night In

A fun and hands on evening in making pizza in your own kitchen.
With dough, sauce & cheese supplied all you need is not to be afraid of a little flour and any extra toppings. 

Priced from £15 per person 


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